New line art portrait of Linux founder father Linus Torvalds by Linux Beast art and technology.

Linus Torvalds is the founding father of Linux or more specifically, the Linux Kernel. The Finnish American is a software engineer by trade. He later became the chief architect of the Linux kernel and now acts as the project’s coordinator.

Portrait of Linus Torvalds





New Linux Penguin for 2015

Not Another Linux Penguin?

I decided to create a new Linux Penguin for the up coming year. Yeah, I know there’s a lot of tux birds out there, but hey, why not keep it fresh every year. And don’t worry, I’m not trying to get rid of the original. Besides, with the hard core loyalty of Linux fans, that would be utterly impossible anyway. Have fun with the image. Feel free to share and post wherever you like.

New Linux Penguin for 2015



Linux Art Pick of the Day


Remember those old science fiction movies from the sixties and seventies? A computer back then looked more like a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Here’s a new wallpaper that captures that look with an old school, big iron, mainframe, magnetic tape drive, computer with a Linux name badge slapped on the front. Download Wallpaper – Old Main Frame Computer with Linux badge – wallpaper

Mainframe Computer Wallpaper




Yeah, the image says “windos rules”. That’s because graffiti artists often times misspell words. They meant “Windows” but left out the “w” making it windos. Which is kind of ironic because Windows evolved from Microsoft DOS, so it was really like a Win-DOS. If you like this artwork, then here’s a Linux Fart Wallpaper for you.

This is the place for the latest and coolest Linux Art.

Linux Artwork – wallpaper – themes


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