Lisa takes a break from work to take a hot selfie (self photo).

To Selfie or Not To Selfie. That is the Question.

I know you know what a selfie is, but what really is a selfie? People have been doing selfies for as long as man has had the ability to create images. They used to call them self-portraits. What artist do you know of that didn’t create at least one self-portrait (artistic selfie).

A Picasso Selfie? – This self-portrait was drawn in 1907 – Experts are stunned by the cell phone in his hand. How did he know?

What is the physiological drive behind a self photo? Maybe it’s the desire to see how you look to the outside world so you take the photo. Then after reviewing the photo and you like what you see, you then decide to publish worldwide. Then again, after looking at some selfies posted on the Internet. I tend to think there was not much thought put into the process. In any case, here’s to all the selfies out there. You had enough courage (or stupidity) to put yourself out there for the whole world to appreciate (or laugh at).

2014 Linux Cave




This post is for all you late night computer programmers, hackers, artists and other computerholics. It is you who create all the cool stuff whether it’s the latest video game, animated movie, or deviant art. I think there is something about those late hours (sometimes very early hours) that sparks creativity in human beings. So take a chug of your energy drink (preferably Linux Beast Energy Drink) and get back to work. The night is still young!

Just out of curiosity, what was the first thing you noticed in the above picture. Was it the computerized wire framed penguin? Was it the energy drink? Or did the hot yoga pants catch your eye? Or was it something else? Please leave your answer in the comment section below.



Whenever, I use a smartphone or tablet I usually get a sore neck from tilting my head down to view the screen. I could always raise the phone to eye level, but then my arm would get tired. I predict a future of bad posture and crooked necks for the next generation. Not to mention arthritus from typing on that tiny screen.

But, don’t listen to me. You better get in line at the phone store before you lose your place.

2014 Linux Cave – The Linux BeastLinux Beast MagazineLinux Artwork

And don’t forget to get your new smartphone today! Ha ha ha


3D Printed Linux Penguin Object with 3D Printer in Background

Just think, one day 3D printers will be as common as ink jet printers. And instead of having to drive down to the Dollar store to pick up a cheap stuffed animal, you can simple hit the print button on your computer. Let’s compare that for a second. Instead of spending 30 minutes and 10 dollars on a cheap plastic toy, you can now spend several days staring at your computer screen building a computer model and thousands of dollars on a printer. You saved neither time nor money, but hey, you didn’t have to leave the house. No, but seriously, I think the ability to print out your 3D creations at home is a very exciting and powerful way of the future.

Download Wallpaper: 3D Printed Penguin Wallpaper – 1680 x 1050 pixels

2014 Linux Cave – The Linux BeastLinux Beast MagazineLinux Artwork



I don’t give a fork. This is just a quick post to display my latest artwork simply called “i don’t give a fork“. The fork refers to a Linux fork. Feel free to share or use this artwork. I don’t give a fork what you do with it. Ha ha ha

What is a Linux Fork?

(from wikipedia) In computing, particularly in the context of the Unix operating system and its workalikes, fork is an operation whereby a process creates a copy of itself. It is usually a system call, implemented in the kernel. Fork is the primary (and historically, only) method of process creation on Unix-like operating systems.

2014 Linux Cave – The Linux BeastLinux Beast MagazineLinux Artwork

Mars Now Hiring Wallpaper


Here’s a cool wallpaper design that you can share with your friends or just set as the background image on your computer. It features a sexy female robot with a beautiful Martian landscape as the backdrop.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional wallpaper. Mars is not really hiring at this time (that I know of anyway).

Download Now: Mars Now Hiring Wallpaper – 1680 x 1050 pixels

2014 Linux Cave – Linux Beast MagazineThe Linux BeastMars Now Hiring Wallpaper