Lisa takes a break from work to take a hot selfie (self photo).

To Selfie or Not To Selfie. That is the Question.

I know you know what a selfie is, but what really is a selfie? People have been doing selfies for as long as man has had the ability to create images. They used to call them self-portraits. What artist do you know of that didn’t create at least one self-portrait (artistic selfie).

A Picasso Selfie? – This self-portrait was drawn in 1907 – Experts are stunned by the cell phone in his hand. How did he know?

What is the physiological drive behind a self photo? Maybe it’s the desire to see how you look to the outside world so you take the photo. Then after reviewing the photo and you like what you see, you then decide to publish worldwide. Then again, after looking at some selfies posted on the Internet. I tend to think there was not much thought put into the process. In any case, here’s to all the selfies out there. You had enough courage (or stupidity) to put yourself out there for the whole world to appreciate (or laugh at).

2014 Linux Cave


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